Disqus and SEO

Disqus Comments system is very useful for the SEO, because they are changing the old comments system as a simple forum, and turn your post as a social media.

Everyone can discuss in the comment area. The comment system is redirect all the user’s link into diqus website, so the traditional spam comment links is gone.

More users discuss by using the diqus comment in the webpage, the higher ranking you can get. I suggest all the wordpress website owners to install this plugin instead of the old wordpress comments.

How To Install the Diqus

There are only two simple steps.
Step 1: register a account on the http://disqus.com, and fill out the website address with your disqus comment targeting website.
Step 2: Download the disqus comment system plugin, active it and login with your username and password which from the disqus.com


  • VTREIS Comunica

    Recalling that Disqus is applicable to most CMS’s based on PHP currently distributed.
    Includes up wordpress, drupal, joomla, and others …

    One hug and success

  • rocketwp

    What I am trying to find out is if there is any value in the disqus comment backlinks. Any idea?

  • Jeff Brown

    Thanks for tips. usefull for better my blog.