Microsoft Stop Custom Domains in Free Email

Email on the custom domain will make the contact information more professional. Although most of the hosting are providing the email service under the domain name, but webmaster don’t like to choose this kinds self hosting email services because of the spam. Google end the free custom domain email on the year 2012. In this […]

Scraper Report By Google

Duplicate contents are always the big headache for all the writers and Google. Many authors are using the DMCA report to complain someone are copying their results. Google launched the  Scraper Report on the last month Feb 2014 to let webmaster, authors and the contents contributors to submit the duplicate contents. Using the duplicate contents […]

Website Traffic VS Backlinks

Google keep on updating the ranking algorithm in this month. You may find the importance of the backlinks is keep on decreasing. Website traffic and popularity considered as another ranking factor in the SEO. More than 90% of traffic all from Google organic search will be easy get punishment, because Google think the website is […]

Authorship Image Gone From Search Results

In this week, before 2013 Christmas, Google took many authors’ pictures down from the search engine. Many SEO worker has been found the search engine shows the author’s picture will increase the click rate of the search results. Many visitors like to click the search results with the author the picture. They trust more of […]

Google Page Rank Updated 6th Dec 2013

Google suddenly updated the page rank in the 6th December 2013. The head of the spam team Matt Cutt said Google will never update the page rank in this year 2013. So the page rank updating makes many webmaster surprised. According the data of this Google update. Seems like google never update all the website […]

Google Hummingbird Algorithm

Google Hummingbird Algorithm 2013 Google updated the algorithm in the Sep and Oct 2013. Tons of websites’ keywords ranking disappeared from the search engine. A lot of new clients come to us and request to analysis the website and find the reason for the website ranking drop. The common mistakes have been found after several […]

Google SEO Ranking Factors 2013

Big Site Will Survive in The 2013 Google changed a lot in the search engine. Back links not the most important factors for increase keywords ranking. Page authority became very important. Resource from SEOMOZ Link relevancy and domain authority still very important when creating back links. Resource from SEOMOZ How to Increase the Page Authority […]

Using Free Microsoft Hotamil Enterprise Mail Similar Google

Google canceled all the free enterprise mail from  Jan 2013. I am the personal fans of Google,  and I like free.  Google enterprise mail is really amazing, and protect my business email from spam. Although Google never canceled the old users enterprise mail, I have to find new resource to register Free enterprise mail. Microsoft […]

PR9 SEO Service Launched

Douglas Peterson, founder of PR9Backlinks Net explains in detail why quality back links are important in the google keyword ranking and how to get the high pr back links. High PR Back links? Yes, website need the high quality back links so can increase the ranking of the keywords. Most of the webmasters know the […]